Sunday, April 17, 2011

Persecution of Christians UK Style

I have a little Sunday routine. Up early for Mass but I go for the papers first, dropping one in en route to St Mary's for Mrs B to read when she gets up. I then park near church and read my newspaper for twenty minutes before going in for Mass.

This morning I had to check it wasn't April 1st. I read that an electrician in Wakefield is facing a charge of gross misconduct from his employer, his crime? Having a small palm cross on the dashboard of his work's van. You see his employer, Wakefield and District Housing, a publicy funded social housing provider, doesn't want to give the impression that it supports christianity. However:

 It has provided stalls at gay pride events, held ‘diversity days’ for travellers, and hosted a gender reassignment event entitled A World That Includes Transpeople.
If you would like to make your views known to this 'social housing provider' then here is a link to the contact page of their website.

Full story here.


Anonymous said...

Lol! You prefer to go with the balanced viewpoint of the Daily Mail. Here's another version but of course that doesn't fit in with your christians under siege agenda.

Gregg said...

Don't see a difference between the two reports. Christians under siege agenda? Sounds like you're just another with a chip on your shoulder about the Daily Mail to me.

e.f. bartlam said...

The Mail sent me an email invitation to the Royal Wedding...they're alright by me.

Why don't they just come out and say what they mean...Christianity is the source of all intolerance in Western Culture. So, in order to demonstrate the extent of our dedication to diversity we will not tolerate Christianity.

Gregg said...

Exactly Erik. But the Mail represents the majority view on such as 'multuculturalism', immigration and law and order, so the PC lot just sneer at it.

In fact I have quoted from newspapers as diverse as The Guardian, Mirror, Telegraph, Mail and others in my posts, but the paranoia of the anti-christian bigots is such that they see one quote and assume I'm an evil regular reader of the Daily Mail, which I'm not as it happens.

Quite sad really.