Monday, July 06, 2009

Ronnie Biggs Or Politicians?

We all know the story of Ronnie Biggs and how an innocent man died some years later from injuries received in the robbery, but surely enough is enough. Biggs is an old man in ill health and probably not long for this world. Jack Straw and the government are making him suffer because of their sheer petty-minded vindictiveness. He is no danger to the public and should be released immediately.

Meanwhile this report, from the BBC tells the shocking tale of how assorted murderers, robbers and rapists are still wandering the streets after doing a bunk while out on parole, on licence and whatever other packages the government has to help convicts prepare for release.

Perhaps it's time we released Ronnie Biggs and banged Jack Straw up in his old cell. While we're at it we could bang up the last few Home Secretaries too. The last couple of Prime Ministers could do with a spot of chokey as well. In fact let's get another jail built for a few thousand politicians from the last 25 years or more, after all, we need to get all the dangerous nutters off the streets don't we?


Michael Gradwell said...

Prison serves three purposes. To rehabilitate, to punish and to protect the rest of society. We don't need protection from Ronnie but he does need punishing. Illness should not affect his sentence. I believe rehabilitation is the most important purpose of our prisons and if he says I am sorry for my part in the robbery and I'm sorry for taunting Slipper of The Yard and I'm sorry for rubbing it in by saying how happy I was in Brazil then I might have more time for him.

Gregg said...

As you say he is no longer a threat to society. He has been punished. He has apologised, some years ago, and expressed remorse.

It is now pure state supported vindictiveness that keeps him behind bars.

And if we all went to jail for taunting bobbies many of us would have spent a high proportion of our lives behind bars.