Thursday, July 23, 2009

72 Year Old Woman Should Be Sectioned Not Pregnant

The thought of a 72 year old woman becoming pregnant through IVF is vile and disgusting. If she lives to be 90 she may see her child celebrate its 18th birthday. I am 49 and find myself going to bed earlier and earlier and that is without looking after a child. You only have to talk to parents with young children to recognise the physical and mental effort looking after children involves.

Putting aside morality, there must come a time when we say to scientists enough is enough. We age for a reason and women become unable to bear children for a reason, and that is determined not by man but nature. This woman is dangerous and, having just seen her interviewed on breakfast TV, is quite obviously mentally ill and should be sectioned.

The irresponsible people who gave her IVF treatment should never be allowed to practice medicine ever again.

Contrast that with people who have the odd cigarette being barred from fostering and it says eveything about society in the 21st century.

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