Sunday, July 12, 2009

Tattoo Girl Lied

A Belgian teenager who had threatened to sue a tattoo artist who left her with 56 stars on her face has admitted she was lying.

Kimberley Vlaeminck, 18, claimed that she'd asked for three small stars but fell asleep during the procedure and woke up with a whole galaxy on her face.

Now she's confessed she knew exactly what tattoo parlour owner Rouslan Toumaniantz was doing but changed her mind later.

Kimberley only made her admission after being caught on a hidden camera by Belgium TV show De Jakhalzen saying the only thing she hadn't been sure of were the stars on her nose.

She had demanded £10,000 compensation to have the stars removed by laser treatment.

Mr Toumaniantz had insisted that she "got what she wanted" at the Tattoo Boy studio in Courtrai - and only complained when her dad got angry and her boyfriend dumped her.

No surprise really that a girl having a tattoo is stupid, I thought it was a requirement.


captainff said...

When you first saw the story emerge in the national media did you think she was telling the truth about only asking for 3 stars?

Me neither.

Gregg said...

But it is nice to just highlight the vulgarity of the trend for tattoos. OK on sailors and navvies but not on the female form.

Does that make me a sexist bastard?

MikeP said...

Oi! I'll have you know my wife has 3 tattoos you cheeky monkey! ;-)

That being said, it's a shame this girl has done what she's done as looking through the stars, she seems to be quite attractive.. :-)

Gregg said...

Exactly, subtlety is the key!!