Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Another Turd Flushed Away

Labour MP Howard Stoate has said he will quit at the next election because new second jobs rules mean he will no longer be able to practise as a GP.

Of course the poor chap just wants to continue healing the sick while his government makes the country sick. I'm sure his decision has nothing to do with the following:

His expenses details were highlighted in the Telegraph which reported he had claimed £55,836 in four years, for a flat 15 miles from his constituency home, on which he paid no rent or mortgage.

So, he found it necessary, living in Dartford, to claim a second home allowance. If you don't know Dartford, his constituency, is about an hour from London and Westminster.

But he tried to soften the blow of being caught, corruptly in my view, claiming a second home allowance this way:

He said his claims had always been modest and his flat had been in an appalling condition when he bought it but he had done most of the repairs and refurbishments himself - many of the claims had been for DIY equipment.

So being an MP and a GP at the same time left him lots of spare time to do DIY, indeed to 'refurbish' his flat. Poor sod really sweats his nuts off for our tax money doesn't he?

But I suppose if we tied up all our MPs with well paid second jobs, they would have less time to spend in Parliament passing stupid legislation and bossing us about. A bit like the good old days really.

Still, good riddance you stinking shit!

Full story here.

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