Monday, July 13, 2009

Afghanistan, Iraq And War Criminals

Blair, Brown and others deserve putting on trial once the disasters of Afghanistan and Iraq are over and our troops are home. Here is the full litany of how they not only invaded foreign sovereign states but did it, and carry on, while putting our troops in unneccessary added danger by underfunding and under supplying them.

Brown and his minnions are now scurrying around claiming that the action in Afghanistan is making the UK a safer place. Oh really?

Over the last 30 years many of us felt much more in danger from the IRA than we have felt in the last few years from Al Qaeda. In the past I've been very close to several bomb attacks by the IRA as have family members, including the Manchester bomb, the '96 one as well as the two in the 1970s, and the Canary Wharf bomb. I was sat on a train at Charing Cross when the London Bridge bomb went off and was in London when the Bishopgate bomb was detonated by the IRA.

I don't remember the British government threatening to invade the Irish Republic or the USA, who arguably gave much more support to Irish republican terrorists than Afghanistan has to Al Qaeda. And Sinn Fein/IRA are now power-sharing!

It would be nice to one day see a great Soviet or Nuremberg style show trial with the current batch of war criminals, and those retired, getting their comeuppence.

Now that's off my chest I'll go and start Richard North's book Ministry of Defeat, reviewed here.

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