Wednesday, July 08, 2009

The Vulgarity of the Football Fan

Football seems to mirror the nation, quite apt I suppose in our case as football did originate here. Top class football is a vulgar corporate mess of greed and obscenity that lost its soul to money some time in the '80s.

Many of us who followed what are now Premier League clubs from birth have gone, walked away probably never to return. Some of us now follow FC United of Manchester others follow other non-league clubs. Apart from Manchester United and the Glazers, there was Wimbledon, shamefully franchised out to Milton Keynes to become the newest parasite club who no proper football fan would pay a penny to watch. Real football people should instead watch AFC Wimbledon, a proper club. Look at the obscenity of Chelsea, Leeds United and many, many others to the pain and anguish of real fans. Yes, incredibly I do actually feel sorry for the genuine Leeds United fans.

If you really care about football, even if you don't, you should buy David Conn's excellent book The Beautiful Game? Conn beautifully details how football has sold any values and decency it had to make a few rich men even richer while the pathetic new football fan empties his pockets like some kind of robot.

So what got me thinking about this today? A pathetic imbecile, who it seems supports Manchester City, accusing me of being bitter because City are now the 'richest club in the world'. Big deal!

Actually it's imbecililc morons like that who have helped destroy football. More interested in the balance sheet than the history or traditions of the game. They're welcome to it.

And just for good measure here's a class piece of work, to a bloody good tune, about the death of football:

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