Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Iain Dale

Last night I was in Radcliffe, Manchester to watch FC United beat Radcliffe Borough 3-2 in a pre-season friendly. On the way back I listened to TalkSport for the first time in ages and was unfortunate to hear Iain Dale, 'Conservative Blogger', on the Ian Collins show.

Occasionally I look at Iain Dale's blog and wonder how he has built such a profile. As for his 'Total Politics' magazine, in our household it's renamed 'Total Drivel'. What a con man.

Then last night I heard him and realised why the Tory Party is beyond help. The man is vacuous and must have an arse covered in splinters from sitting on the fence. He even managed to sit on the fence about political bias in the BBC. He is everything that is bad with the Tory Party under Cameron.

He claims that a Tory landslide at the general election would be unhealthy, and he claims to be a Tory. He belittled the support for Margaret Thatcher when she was leader claiming that the Tory victory in '79 was really an anti-Labour government vote. I don't know how old Dale was in '79 but thanks to Mrs Thatcher the Tories were winning seats in Labour areas they probably never will again, because of Mrs T's character and ideolgy. We can revise that if we want, and maybe a new Mrs T is not what we need now, but we certainly needed her then.

And he must have pissed off younger Tory supporters by constantly sneering at them for 'not being cool'. Well, tell you what Iain, you sounded like an effeminate Tory leaning pinko liberal opportunist, the epitomy of not cool, or should that be 'cool not'?

When he scoffed at his old university, East Anglia, and informed us that he and his friends referred to it as 'Easy Access', I listened to Iain Dale and knew what he meant.

But finally thank you Iain, you convinced me, as if I needed it, that the Tory Party is still a sick joke, probably beyond help and certainly not fit to waste a vote on. Well done 'Conservative blogger'.


North Northwester said...

He really is an empty file, isn't he? Anyone who can make Matthew Parris sound Right-wing's got a serious problem.

Matty-baby sounding a bit Right-wing

North Northwester said...
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