Friday, July 10, 2009

San Fermin-Pamplona

Sadly there has been a death today in Pamplona, the first in years, and a Manchester University student is in hospital after being gored. Generously the town of Pamplona pay to fly dead people home, the man today was from Madrid.

San Fermin is something everybody should get to at least once, it really is spectacular. The bull running is only part of the fiesta, admittedly the best part:


MikeP said...

Absolute nutters!

Gregg said...

A great spectacle though, and the running is at 8-00am after the participants have been on the piss all night. Usually lots of English football shirts on display too.

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Then after the bull run the poor creatures go to be tormented and tortoured to a slow, agonising and pain pain ridden death in the bull ring, whilst some sadistic prat, dressed like a ponce, shows off.

No thanks, count me out of that one.

Gregg said...

We'll have to agree to disagree on that one Derek, I love a good bullfight.