Monday, July 06, 2009

Ideas Above Your Station? You're Sectioned

This article by Christopher Booker yesterday is very disturbing.

A man who is distantly related to some European royals, and has relatives in senior positions in the army, asks to collect his children from within the school gates for security reasons.

As the government constantly tell us how loony terrorists lurk around every corner, this chap seems to be doing the best by his family. Either that or he might be slightly eccentric, either way he didn't deserve what came next.

When he and his wife turned up at the school to collect his offspring they were nicked. He was sectioned under the mental health act for "delusional beliefs" and his children taken into care.

The social services, no surprise there, and the police had to release him a couple of days later when he was proved to be perfectly sane. That is an act of fascism.

Those who claim they have nothing to hide so nothing to fear from ID cards, CCTV etc., etc. take note. Wake up and realise that the state and all its agents are to be feared, whether you are innocent or not.


Henry North London said...

Happens with frequent regularity by unscrupulous approved social workers and police

Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Parents always taught their kids to beware of strangers to make sure they were not kidnapped by perverts and paedophiles. These days they have to warn their kids they face a far greater danger of being kidnapped by the state.