Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Redneck Games

I've been to the Highland Games, the Basque Games, San Fermin in Pamplona and many others, now I want to go to Georgia for the Redneck Games. Report from Ananova:

More than 10,000 competititors have been taking part in events from watermelon-seed-spitting to armpit-squelching at this year's Redneck Games.

The most popular contest of the games, which take place in the small US town of East Dublin in Georgia, is the mud-pit belly-flop.

Fully clothed contestants throw themselves into a vat of red mud clay with points awarded for beauty of form and the size of the splash produced.

In other disciplines, competitors bobbed for pigs trotters and attempted to replicate the sound of breaking wind in the 'armpit serenade'.

Eric "Iron Head" Outler emerged triumphant, trotter in mouth, from the bobbing competition after removing pigs feet in under 21 seconds in one round, and under 16 seconds in another.

For his troubles he received a trophy that consisted of a half crushed, empty mounted beer can.

The Redneck Games were first held in 1996 as a spoof of the Olympic Games which were then being held in Atlanta.
I could even compete, in the 'armpit serenading' event.

But can anything beat welly chucking, cheese rolling or gurning? I think not.


MikeP said...

Now where's my banjo and chewing tobacco.............? :-)

Gregg said...

Ee lad, is thee from Acrington then?