Saturday, March 07, 2009

Can't Be Bothered Today

I'm trying to get some writing done but can't really concentrate. I might just bugger it and watch Coventry v Chelsea. As I can't be bothered blogging either I will just stick the piece below on, no need for comment:

Action has been taken against parents who took their children out of school in protest over lessons on lesbian, gay and bisexual history, a council said.

Dozens of parents took children out of Leytonstone's George Tomlinson primary school, saying their children are too young to learn about such matters.

A Waltham Forest Council spokesman said that the absences were "unauthorised" and action has been taken.

1 comment:

Lurch said...

Bloody hell.
What happened to parental choice?
'Action'? Wonder what that means....
If my lad were at that school I'd be taking some 'action' against the school.