Monday, March 16, 2009

Is The Mayor Mad?

No, not Boris Johnson, we all know he's mad.

This is the mayor of Kiev, Leonid Chernovetsky. I first heard about him this morning when I read that he had recorded a CD of songs because only God had a better voice. In selfless fashion the millions of dollars a day he expects from sales will help bail Kiev out of a financial hole.

But now killjoy MPs have demanded a psychiatric report after a series of eccentric initiatives. Chernovetsky recently issued a call for all OAPs to be tempted into state care with a diet of caviar and pineapple.But killjoys in the Ukrainian parliament have called for medical tests after fears for his mental condition.

He has also approved plans for a giant sculpture of a flying cow and a public monument to street lights. He has refused to comment on the MPs demands and has instead gone on holiday.

But Kiev residents have demanded he return home and undergo medical examinations immediately. One resident said: "Anyone who thinks old people are going to just move out of their homes they have lived in for decades because someone offers them a bit of exotic fruit and caviar is obviously completely bonkers. He needs testing."

Personally I think it's a shame, after all he hasn't started bombing countries he doesn't like. Now that is madness.

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