Monday, March 02, 2009

More Celtic Fascism

More bad news for the inhabitants of that social engineering laboratory they call Scotland. The SNP minority government is trying to introduce a minimum price per unit for alcohol. Not content with driving the electorate to drink, they are now going to try and bankrupt them too.

I'll bet the politicians will carry on guzzling single malt like there's no tomorrow though.

Full report here.


T Bishop Finger said...

Alcohol, Fast Food, Takeaways, Smoking, Video Games. Anything the lower middle/working classes 'enjoy' is a pet hate for the Ruling Class. The easy solution to the problem of people being 'Drunk & Disorderly' is giving more freedom to local Magistrates to deal with agressive drunks, feral youths, and disorderly Pubs. But that solution dosen't involve draconian legislation/regulation ensuring overpaid non-jobs to the Ruling Class.

Gregg said...

Spot on T Bish.