Friday, March 13, 2009

Red Nose Day

I don't want to sound like a miserable old turd, nor do I want to sound holier than thou BUT you can stick Red Nose Day where the sun doesn't shine.

A bunch of overpaid celebrity ponces creaming money out of a drooling and gullible population of arseholes. And if I see some spotty youth sat in a tub full of baked beans, in a stupid red nose and a collecting bucket, he'd better make the most of that last breath he will pull into his stupid nostrils because I will drown him in his bloody beans.

Then up pops some prat of a politician on the telly trying to do a funny sketch with Lenny Henry. But all he succeeds in doing is reminding us why we effing loathe politicians. They are just not trendy and shouldn't try to be, neither is Red Nose Day, it should have happened once and once only, finito.

When I give to charity, which I do without being pushed by some z-list nonentity trying to resurrect his failing career, I like to know where my cash is going. Would you give to a charity that some manic Irish poof like Graham Norton supports? No, neither would I. And guess what 'celebrities'? There are people climbing Kilimanjaro and Everest on an almost daily basis for charity, difference is they just get on and do it without turning it into a huge great 'look at me I'm a saint' exercise.

Right, now that's off my chest I'm off to see if there's a repeat of Grumpy Old Men on the telly. Now they are funny, especially Rick Wakeman:


Citizen Stuart said...

I feel the same way. Like most people, I do what I can for the charities that I support, but I resent the BBC setting aside a whole evening to try and nag me into supporting their particular causes.

Steve Allison (UKIP Councillor) said...

Here Here. I automatically turn off anything with "celebrity" in the title and if they trick me be using a misleading title, like "Climbing Kilimanjaro" then as soon as I suss whats going on I turn off straight away. I often wonder if the charities would make more money if the cost of making the program was donated instead. The BBC could then broadcast the test card for a couple of hours with the message "The money extorted from the license payers which should have paid for the cost of producing a program to broadcast during this time has been donated to Red Nose Day"

I wonder how long it would be before the complaints started rolling in!

LibertyMine said...

I felt the same way, but I did have it on long enough to hear Gordon Brown as an answer on MasterMind, a Labour minister appear in a film from Africa and the news that another Labour minister had announced a donation of our money to their cause. I thought it more Red Flag Day than Red Nose Day. I turned it off after that.

I have felt like doing an FOI request to the BBC to ask how much the whole exercise actually costs. I mean it can't be cheap can it. The big sets, all those overseas trips with film crews. Are the costs recouped? If not, how much of our license is used. And how come no one has asked why it only goes to causes they want it to go to.

Besides, Annie effing Lennox as well. Jeez.

Missed Grumpy Old Men.