Monday, March 09, 2009

Mandy Arrest Shock

Forgive me if I've missed something here, but it seems to be big news that the pinko liberal greenie veggie type who turned Mandelson's head into a trifle has been arrested. At a time when our politicians are so loathed I was amazed that the pinko wasn't nicked there and then.

But no, she could have also sprinkled hundreds and thousands on his head if she'd been properly organised. You would have expected security around HM's Business Minister, whatever his title is, to have had her pinned to the floor within seconds, for forgetting the jelly and cream if nothing else. But she just casually walked away and had a chat with a few TV reporters. The following says it all:

Lord Mandelson...told Andrew Marr that he was "slightly surprised" his attacker "could just saunter off without being apprehended".

That's scary, I actually agree with Mandy. Maybe all the security fellows were doubled up laughing like I was when I saw it.

But trust Jacqui Smith to come out with crap like this:

Home Secretary Jacqui Smith told Sky News' Sunday Live programme: "I don't think in a democracy where people are able to speak up that anybody should chuck custard at anybody in the street. It's not appropriate."

Tell you what Jacqui, it's a damn sight more 'appropriate' than bombing the crap out of other countries.

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