Monday, March 16, 2009

Taxing The Poor (Drinker)

One of the most ridiculous quotes for a long time must be the following from health fascism supremo Professor Liam Donaldson:

"Cheap alcohol is killing us as never before".

Speak for yourself matey boy, you might be drinking yourself to death on cheap cider but the overwhelming majority of us aren't, even if we do drink more than you suggest we should when you pop out of your Whitehall ivory tower to nag and patronise us.

All his suggestion would do is put the poorer drinker, probably on a sink estate, into even more poverty. He has lost touch with reality to such an extent that he doesn't realise that the worst drinkers will give up on almost everything else, including relatively healthy food, to pay for booze and fags.

Up to now it looks like the governmant are ignoring him thankfully.

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T Bishop Finger said...

I was watching Question Time last night, for a cheap laugh, and with the exception of Douglas Murray, all the jumped up panellists could offer as a 'solution' to alcohol related disorder was the usual 'ban alcohol', 'we need to spend money on education' rubbish.

But still none of them could grasp that 'binge drinking' and 'alcohol fuelled violence' is a Policing and Court problem, not a reason to penalise Pubs, Off licences, and drinkers. But then isn't that what the Ruling Class want?