Monday, March 30, 2009

Stinking MPs

Here are the top five parasites for expenses claims:

Eric Joyce (Lab: Falkirk West) £187,334
Michael Connarty (Lab: Falkirk East) £183,466
Alistair Carmichael (Lib Dem: Orkney and Shetland) £176,190
Ben Wallace (Con: Lancaster & Wyre) £175,523
Mohammed Sarwar (Lab: Glasgow Govan) £174,882

That Ben Wallace is on the list doesn't really surprise me. He represents the neighbouring constituency to mine, and has always struck me as being second only to Nigel Farage in being the politician you would be least likely to buy a second hand car from.

I was going to stand against Wallace in the new constituency of Wyre and Preston North, shame I'm not now. But I'm sure I'll pop up somewhere in the general election, it would be rude not too, but where I'm not sure yet. Watch this space.


Mike P said...

I can understand how the Orkney & Shetland MP is on there, especially given the cost of travel to the islands. But there's no excuse at all for anyone South of Glasgow to be on there. And how can the likes of Eric Joyce be claiming more than MPs from the other Scottish islands?

At least we've hopefully seen the end of Jacqui Smith over dodgy expenses..........

Gregg said...

Exactly Mike. And the MP for Leyton in East London has a holiday shack in Essex that he has claimed a mint for as his 'main residence'. His wife justified it by saying they could get pissed there without anybody knowing who they were. It's about 50 miles from his constituency.

He justified it by saying the allowances were introduced in lieu of a pay rise a few years back. They all stink!