Thursday, March 26, 2009

The Prisoner

I always say that all work and no play makes Gregg a dull boy, or actually Gregg and Jules a dull couple. So we're off to North Wales for some peace and walking in Snowdonia. Problem is we come back no healthier because we know the best chippy in the world, in Betws, and the best curry house outside Manchester or Altrincham which is in Llanrwst.

On Saturday we will be paying homage to Patrick McGoohan at The Prisoner Convention at Portmeirion.

Be seeing you.


Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Gregg, if you are passing through Dolywdellan on your way to Portmerion you can pop in and say hello to Rose, to my old mom who has just had her 85th birthday.

Mike P said...

At least it's not a Star Trek convention Gregg!

Now where did I put my Spock ears? ;-)

Gregg said...

Star Trek no, but guess what? There was a presentation, and tour of Portmeirion sites used in an episode of Dr Who!

Citizen Stuart said...

I'm jealous. I went to one of those 6 of 1 conventions in 2003 and had a great time. I went to one of the Unmutuals conventions in 2007, a different style of convention but still good fun. I hope to go again later on in the year, finances permitting.

Gregg said...

It was great Stuart and some very moving tributes to the great man.

I even got my photo taken with The Rover as it was sent down from the balcony at the human chess reconstruction.

Gregg said...

Missed the ears reference originally Mike, I like it!

Note the time, I didn't oversleep.