Thursday, March 05, 2009

Things Have Only Got Better?

I will never forget that awful night, or early morning, when we finally knew we had a Labour government again. Look what a mess we are in now.

But while many of us will suffer financially from the economic mess inevitable when a bunch of statist authoritarian nutters are in charge, spare a thought for the real victims of 'New Labour Same Old Results'.

I have a housebound mother-in-law thanks to neglect in an NHS hospital. Millions more have suffered at the hands of the NHS despite millions and millions of pounds spent, largely on bureaucrats.

The verdict is due on the psycho who killed a Harry Potter actor today. Remember too all those other victims of knife crime and other violent crime. But don't blame the uniformed busybodies in uniform they call PCSOs, if they run the other way when they see a crime it's only because they are human and untrained, meaning useless!

But the worst result of New Labour has to be the continuing disaster that is known as 'childrens services'. Here is a BBC report on that particular area of our national disaster.

One of the very few things government should do is to protect the most vulnerable. A consequence of this government's desire for power and control is an overbearing state, so expanded under New Labour that it is now terminally obese. When the state bureaucracy grows so powerful control and accountability disappear and inertia takes hold. This is what we now have, the bureaucracy protects the bureaucrats not the vulnerable.


The Venerable 1st Earl of Cromer said...

Do you remember the vans they sent round just before the election in '97 actually playing the song ' things can only get better'?

Seems very surreal now, but I suspected then they were all spin and no substance - and I was only about 12.

Gregg said...

I do indeed, terrible memories.The vision that still gives me nightmares is the one of Mandy and Prescott leading a crowd singing it as dawn broke and the bastards had won.