Friday, March 06, 2009

Mash The Swedes

We tend to think of Sweden as a liberal, tolerant and generally very civilized kind of place. But no, it is just as sick as any other decaying Western 'democracy' according to this report from an English language Swedish newspaper.

Israel puts up with Arabs firing bombs at her from Gaza and eventually, quite rightly, reacts in self-defence. Loonies in Sweden, and elsewhere, liken Gaza to South African apartheid or, even more ludicrously, the Warsaw ghetto. As a consequence the local authorities, where Sweden are due to play Israel in the Davis Cup, are refusing to open the tennis competition to the public in protest. There will be no spectators, how very tolerant. Good luck to Israel I say.

It reminds me of when I visited Guernica in Spain. Guernica is famous for being bombed in the Spanish Civil War, then becoming the subject of a painting by Picasso. It too is a cause celebre for the left, much as Gaza is today.

However, if you look into Guernica properly it was not the innocent picturesque little town, bombed to crap by evil fascists that the lefties make out. It was actually extremely wealthy because for decades, while Spain remained neutral, it produced the arms that fed the First World War and many others, including the Republican side in the civil war. Tough on Guernica I say, no sympathy whatsoever.

And in solidarity with Israel, we won't be having swedes with our Sunday dinner this week!!

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