Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The Spirit Of 1984

I like to keep abreast of public opinion by reading letters from the public, be it to newspapers, magazines or Teletext. The letter below is reproduced, with agreement from the scribbler, from today's Teletext letters:

The spirit of 1984 is alive

Immigration Minister Phil Woolas admits he tried to stop data being published by the Office for National Statistics regarding immigration saying the publication was, at worst, sinister.

Surely the only sinister move is the attempted banning of information, collected by a government department, by a government who wants to restrict what information the public is allowed to see. What next, book burning?

J B, Carnforth, Lancashire

Couldn't have put it better myself missus!


Mark Wadsworth said...


So you've gone over to the even darker side, I see (LPUK). Best of luck with that. Maybe you can even drag them into the real world.

Gregg said...

Cheeky bugger, but good to hear from you Mark. Hope all is well.