Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Luton-The Fightback

Yesterday I was out and about most of the day so didn't see much TV news. However, I did hear on the radio news an interview with one of of the Islamofascist scum who demonstrated against the Royal Anglians, accusing them of rape and murder.

I really thought we were finished, but then I saw the footage below on YouTube. If you watch it you will see the police apparently protecting the scum, then having to corale them away as the mob, of blacks and whites opposed to them, grows bigger, noisier and more angry. Well done that crowd.


Jules said...

Also note how the police are filming the crowd.
Perhaps it's time for the army to take over policing this country because it seems the police are now a force to surpress rather than protect.

Gregg said...

And how the crowd member filming the police could get nicked now, as Derek commented on the Libertas post.