Tuesday, March 03, 2009

It Could Only Be Italy

I love Italy, the people, the food and the wine. Until a couple of years ago I hadn't really spent any time there then, in 2007, we had a winter break in Val Gardena and a few weeks in the summer in Venice and Rome. Everything about Italy surpassed my expectations and this story about Italian MPs refusing to be fingerprinted doesn't surprise me in the least.

What really made me giggle was their reason for refusal. Not because they objected on grounds of civil liberties, or anything so noble. No, this was the reason given:

But some MPs are refusing to be fingerprinted, saying it will mean spending too much time in the chamber

It could only happen in Italy. Let's hope they never try to introduce the system here. The less time the buggers spend in Parliament the less time they have for mithering us with yet more intrusive, authoritarian legislation.


Derek Bennett EU-Sceptic said...

Greg, the next time you are in Italy here is a vital saying which is essential when shopping. 'Mi po fara una sconto'. It means can I have a discount!

I love Italy too. Have you noticed how Italian motorcyclists wear their crash helmets, they are usually over their wrist so as not to mess up their hair.

Gregg said...

Ta Derek, I'll remmber that.

And when Italians do, very occasionally wear a helmet, it sits precariously on the back of the head and is never fastened.